DYNAMIC TARANG, registered under Indian Companies Act 1956 is a unique model of “Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise”, devoted to creating new business edge for community development through interventions in Communications, Health, Livelihood, Research & Capacity Building, Agro-Tourism  & Infrastructure Development.
Currently Operational in different districts of Jharkhand, Bihar and Haryana, the organization has generated unique models of scalable interventions like Radio Sheetal the most successful and widely-scaled ICT4D Project. Sheetal Hospitals, a unique Public Private Partnership (PPP) Project, Sheetal Suppat Stores, unique SHG managed Rural Retail Chain , Sheetal Seed Farms and many others.

DYNAMIC TARANG aims to meet the needs of a specified target community, together with “social gain” objectives. We stay firm in our commitment to train local people in broadcasting skills or provide a certain amount of programming aimed at an undeserved section of the population.

Dynamic Tarang works with various communities in rural India

Present Scenario :

These communities are today in a difficult situation as their sustainability is being challenged by growth of manufacturing and large scale industrialization. The situation has become more complex with the increase in cost of agriculture and poor land management. Able bodied men are forced to migrate to cities in search of livelihood for their family back home. While they contribute to the astronomical growth of cities, by working night and day, they remain low in skills and therefore low in wages as well.


Dynamic Tarang has identified 6 core pillars of sustainability: Community Radio, Health Services, Livelihood Promotion, Research & Capacity Building, Tourism Promotion and Infrastructure Development. On these 6 pillars, rests the sustainability of any community wherever they may exist. If one of these 6 pillars goes weak, it impacts the very foundation of the community. Sustainability of self contained communities is needed to build a strong world. For us sustainability means a world which is more equitable, open and which regards and respects the human civilization and it’s cradle. By ensuring sustainability of marginalized communities, we wish to create models of success which can be emulated the world over. With a little bit of support these communities can become role models for the future world. In them Dynamic Tarang  sees a bright future for the world as a whole.


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